Record Audio | Editing Audio

Record Audio | Editing Audio

How to Record Audio in PC?

Recording Audio in Computer

  1. Download a copy of FlexiMusic_AudioEditor_Setup.exe file from our download page. Go to download page and click on Download Free Trial Now link.
  2. Choose to Save instead of Run. When you click on the link the browser will ask you whether to run or to save, you choose Save. Save your download to an easy rememberable folder on your computer.
  3. Run the downloaded file. Using Windows Explorer or My Computer go to the folder where you saved FlexiMusic_AudioEditor_Setup.exe in your computer and double-click on it, or choose  the enter key to run it.
  4. It will ask few questions like where to install FlexiMusic Audio Editor, keep click on the Next button.
  5. This will install FlexiMusic Audio Editor on you computer.
  6. When you finish installing it, Open the program by clicking Start , All Programs , FlexiMusic , FlexiMusic Audio Editor

How to Change Audio Format?

Changing Audio Format

  1. At the bottom left corner of the FlexiMusic Audio Editor you will see the format displayed (i.e.: 48000Hz, 16Bit).
  2. Right click on that number and you will see a menu to choose from.
  3. Please note if you are converting to Mp3 or writing to CD, the recommended format is 41000Hz 16Bit Stereo.

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