Installing / Setup FAQ

Installing / Setup

How do I install FlexiMusic Audio Editor?

Install FlexiMusic Audio Editor

  1. Download a copy of FlexiMusic_AudioEditor_Setup.exe file from our download page. Go to download page and click on Download Free Trial Now link.
  2. Choose to Save instead of Run. When you click on the link the browser will ask you whether to run or to save, you choose Save. Save your download to an easy rememberable folder on your computer.
  3. Run the downloaded file. Using Windows Explorer or My Computer go to the folder where you saved FlexiMusic_AudioEditor_Setup.exe in your computer and double-click on it, or choose  the enter key to run it.
  4. It will ask few questions like where to install FlexiMusic Audio Editor, keep click on the Next button.
  5. This will install FlexiMusic Audio Editor on you computer.
  6. When you finish installing it, Open the program by clicking Start , All Programs , FlexiMusic , FlexiMusic Audio Editor

How do I Uninstall FlexiMusic?

Use Add or Remove Programs under Start , Settings , Control Panel , Add or Remove Programs, then select the FlexiMusic item and choose the Remove button.

How to save my license code email sent by you?

After you purchase our FlexiMusic product you will receive two emails which contains the license and instructions, that you need to save or print for future use. The procedure shown below is for Outlook Express.

  1. Open an email by clicking its title.

Saving an E-Mail:

  1. Use the Save As button to save the email (File , Save As ).
  2. Save your download to an easy to remember folder on your computer.
  3. If you like, type a new filename for the email in the filename text box.
  4. Click Save to save the email to your hard drive.

Printing an E-Mail:

  1. While you are viewing the email, use the Print command to print the email (File , Print).
  2. After few seconds you will see a normal Print dialog box in that click Print.

How to properly uninstall FlexiMusic Audio Editor if unable to uninstall using Add/Remove Programs?

This procedure should only be used if uninstalling FlexiMusic Audio Editor fails from Add/Remove Programs and subsequent installs of FlexiMusic Audio Editor also fail due to a corrupt installation.

To manually uninstall FlexiMusic Audio Editor, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Remove all files from the FlexiMusic Audio Editor install directory, that is C:Program FilesFlexiMusic Audio Editor.
  2. And then delete the shortcuts, right click on the shortcut and choose Delete.

I don't have internet connections on my home PC, how can I get the FlexiMusic into my PC?

  1. You can order the CD, visit our order page and use the link found there to order the CD.
  2. If you have already downloaded in another PC, to get the program in to your PC with out internet connection, you can copy the downloaded file using diskettes or CD.
  3. To copy with a CD you need a CD Writer in the source PC. You need to use a CD-R type CDs, use the software that came free with the CD Writer to write to CD. Choose to write a Data CD.
  4. To copy using floppy diskettes you have to use WinZip. Download the evaluation copy of it and install in your PC. Use the Multiple Disk Span Option in the WinZip to copy the files to multiple diskettes.

After you install WinZip follow these steps:

  1. Run WinZip using Start , All Programs , WinZip.
  2. Prepare three empty floppy disks, mark them as 1, 2, 3. First insert the first diskette into floppy disk drive.
  3. In WinZip click the Menu File , New Archive. A New Archive Dialog will display.
  4. In New Archive dialog box choose the folder name as Floppy (A:). Write a file name of the archive we are going to make. In our case it can be Add Dialog Should be ON. Click Ok. Add dialog box will be displayed.
  5. In Add dialog box Multiple Disk spanning should be Automatic + Wipe first disk prompt.
  6. Choose the file to compress, that is the downloaded file (FlexiMusic_AudioEditor_Setup.exe), if the folder is different you go to that folder and choose.
  7. Click Add. The files will be copied to the floppy. After completing the first diskette it will ask for the second floppy wait till the files are copied.

Take the copied floppies of FlexiMusic Audio Editor to another PC. To install WinZip in the other PC copy the WinZip Setup files also in another floppy(WinZip70.exe).

To copy FlexiMusic_AudioEditor_Setup.exe file from the floppy to another PC here are the steps given below.

  1. First run WinZip70.exe file to install WinZip in that PC.
  2. Open the Windows Explorer. Create new folder to copy the FlexiMusic_AudioEditor_Setup.exe file.
  3. Insert the last floppy. Click the drive A. Double click on the file. As you double click the file WinZip box appears opening the file.
  4. Drag this file FlexiMusic_AudioEditor_Setup.exe directly to the new folder you created. As soon as you drag to new folder it will ask you to insert disk number one, again disk two and disk three. With this FlexiMusic_AudioEditor_Setup.exe file will be copied to the new folder.


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